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Artist Barbers first opened its doors to the Fullerton community in 1964, offering good haircuts at a reasonable price.  Forty-five years later, much has changed in Orange County--the population has grown, fads have come and gone--but this small neighborhood barbershop has remained the same.

Artist Barbers was first opened in ’64 by Andre LeDuce, a Canadian native who had moved to California a few years earlier.  Although Andre came to Southern California knowing very little English, he was a savvy businessman.  Within a few years Andre owned five barbershops in Southern California.  Aside from his business success, Andre was particularly proud to have the business become a family enterprise as his son, Danny, and daughter, Annette, came to work alongside him in the late 80s.

In 1989, David Lange and Ralph Valdez took over Artist Barbers after Andre’s passing.  Both Dave and Ralph had been longtime barbers at the shop since the early 70s.  Dave moved from Minnesota in the late 60s after serving in the Army.  A proud Minnesotan, he brought with him a love for the former Minneapolis and current Los Angeles Lakers.  You can bet if a game is on during shop hours, it’ll be playing.  Ralph, a native Californian, has also worked at the barbershop for the past forty years.  Ralph has a longstanding passion for photography and has a reputation for making one mean tamale.

While Dave and Ralph have remained at the barbershop for four decades, there have been many other familiar faces over the years.  Like Dave and Ralph, Dick Barbari had been a part of the barbershop since the late 60s until recently passing in 2007.  Bob Cammon has faithfully manned the far back chair in the shop since the early 80s.  The youngest member of the team, Blake Parrish, has been with the shop for over ten years.

Many continue to visit Artist Barbers because they know they can rely on the small, classic barbershop.  They’ll always know they can get a good looking, no nonsense haircut at a fair price, but it’s not just value that keeps customers coming back. 

The barbers have come to make many friends in the community, from local residents, police and firefighters, military service men, to Cal State Fullerton students.

Over the past forty-five years, Artist Barbers has come to be a valuable part of the Fullerton community.  Parents have brought their children to the shop for their first haircut.  Many years and several haircuts later, those same kids have come back for other momentous haircuts, whether high school graduations, first job interviews, marriages and more.

While Orange County continues to grow and change, you can still depend on Artist Barbers to remain the same.  They are proud to have been a part of the Fullerton community for the past 45 years and look forward to the many years to come.

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